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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it's a nice looking drive. no major problems when you get to the bay bridge. there is a little bit of road work on the upper and lower deck. we looks at the traffic on 880 that traffic moves along pretty well as you pass the coliseum. on the golden gate bridge southbound 101 looks good. let's go back to the desk. overnight a plane caught fire in hayward. it happened just before 11:00 last night at hayward executive airport. the fire department says a mechanic was working on the plane when it caught fire. the flames were quickly put out and nobody was injured. along with damage to the plane we were told there was smoke damage to nearby helicopters. new video shows the mess left behind at a hercules church after a van crashed into a children's nursery. this happened at 10:00 last night. church goers say a special holiday service just ended when the driver of van accelerated.
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no children were inside at the time of the crash. no word on the driver's condition or the reason behind the crash in the first place. time is 4:30. two developments on the bay bridge this morning. it's a milestone day for work on the new section. it comes as the california highway patrol is increasing presence on the s-curve. tara moriarty joins us live now with what commuters can expect to see. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. we have noticed a lot of chp cars out here. both in the east and westbound direction. they will be targeting folks on the s-curve which is a portion of the span you see behind me here. it's 35 miles an hour on the upper deck. 40 below. the highway patrol stepped up enforcement they said outside funding has allowed it to dedicate officers to watch that stretch. they will be watching as a visual deterrent. officers say the extra present
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will help keep the bridge safe. we noticed one officer with a radar gun catching people speeding. the new bay bridge will hit a milestone as well later this morning. crews are expected to put down the first span of cable. when completed the vans will create a massive cable to help support the bridge. the cable will be almost a mile long and weigh more than 10 million pounds. that is supposed to happen around 10:00 this morning. we will be out here live and let you know what happens. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty tom. new information on the death of north korean leader kim jong ii. also today at the north korean government is urging the 24 million residence to rally behind kim jong yu. we also learned a funeral is
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planned for december 28th. kim jong il died on saturday from heart failure. overnight following the death of its long-time dictator they conducted a short range missile test off the south korea. it's not clear if today's missile test is in response to the death of kim onil. but the military is on high alert while the situation remains uncertain. president obama called the president of south korea last night following news of kim jong il cease death. this is void owe of the two leaders in october. u.s. officials say the president made the phone call to remind south korea of the u.s. commitment to stability and security on the korean peninsula and to south korea itself. here in the bay area people are reacting to the death of the dictator. we caught up with one korean american last night. he told us about the insurgency
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he has for his parents homeland. >> they lived through the era when kim jong was leader in korea and when he passed and kim jong il became president and they had doubts about whether it would be safe and war break out. i think they are probably worrying about the same thing right now. >> uc berkeley professor says the death of kim jong il is a cause of concern because the country has nuclear weapons. news of king jong il's death dragged down asian markets. south korea dropped 4% at one point. markets in taiwan, singapore, and indonesia also fell this morning. the iraqi government says it's confident security forces can take up where the u.s. left off. the last american troops pulled out of iraq yesterday. the convoy included about 110 vehicles and 500 soldiers.
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they withdrew under the cover of darkness and in strict secret city to prevent any final insurgent attacks. >> i think we have done a good job. >> because the u.s. troops have gradually pulled out from all their bases from more than 1.5 years ago. we have taken over responsibility for all of bases. the iraqi army and police have been conducting -- >> the u.s. will maintain a heavy presence. the largest embassy in the world is located in baghdad with 16,000 people. most of them u.s. contractors. a deal to keep several thousand troops to stay and train iraqi soldiers fell threw over the i ewe of legal immunity for the americans. a touching home coming reunited loved ones with bay area soldiers that have spent the last year if a war zone. last night we were at the
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airport with one of the largest groups in military personnel arrived home. members of the 185th military police battalion have been in afghanistan since last christmas. >> i'm really glad to be home right now. i've been away for a year. now i want to spend time with my family and loved ones. >> it's quite amazing to see all of these people here. never expected. >> last nights celebration was bittersweet. just last month the company lost 21-year-old shawn walsh from san jose in combat. he was counting down the days until coming home and his presence was felt at last nights reunion. this morning the payroll tax cut extension is once again not a sure thing. on saturday the senate passed a temporary bill to continue the payroll tax cut for two more months. republicans in the house of representatives want the legislation to be for a full year. the house will vote on the senate bill today but if republicans are united in vetting against the bill, it
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will fail. >> it's pretty clear that i and our members oppose the senate bill. it's only for two months. the president said we shouldn't go on vacation until we get our work done. and frankly republicans agree. >> it's not clear what will happen if the house as expected votes against the senate bill today. after voting for the bill on saturday the senate adjourned for the year. u.s. postal service expects today be one of the busiest mailing days of the entire year. some post offices including one near los angeles airport decided to relieve some of its crush by opening the door yesterday. they expect to handle more packages today than any other day. tomorrow will be the busiest day for cards and letters. they are surprised that more people are mailing things this year than expected. the south bay occupy movement hopes to keep an elderly couple from losing
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their home to foreclosure. they took them down late last night. the group wants to raise awareness about an 89-year-old veteran and his wife that say they mistakenly signed a variable interest loan. >> these are the people that are part of the 99% foreclosures are effecting. my father is a world war ii vet. he was trying to live the american dream and now he's living the american nightmare. >> last night supporters held a pro is a da. reand acting the journey of marion joseph asking for shelter. san francisco police chief greg surh will hold a community meeting to discuss last weeks officer deadly involved shooting. police say a man shot at police after he ran from a traffic stop. police shot back hitting the man in the head and he died thursday night. today's meeting is at 4:00 at the northern police station on
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fillmore and turk street. menlo park police are investigating an officer involved shooting. coming up in six minutes the shootout that lead to an all day search through one peninsula neighborhood. it's 4:48. we want to turn to sal to see how the roads are looking. >> right now things are doing pretty well to our start to a monday morning. traffic continues to move along pretty well around the bay area. on 80 westbound for example you can see traffic looks good heading out to the mccarthur maze. also this morning we are looking at the commute on the westbound bay bridge. i'm sorry that was the san mateo bridge. here is the bay bridge westbound traffic looks good on both those spans. and if you are driving in san jose you're off to a god start. it will be interesting to see how many people are going to work this week. some people stretch out their vacations. we might have a lighter than usual commute. we won't know for awhile yet. let's go to steve. thank you very much. and what is new? pattern is stuck. we have this system that
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continues to sit there in central california. weak systems come through here. we increase the fog and get a northeast breeze and the pattern starts all over again. the lows are held up today unless you are out toward fairfield i saw 30s there. a lot of 40s elsewhere. 43-42-49 san jose. 46 redwood city. lots of low clouds and fog. a few high clouds and sprinkles mixed in. after everything is said and done it will be partly sunny and cloudy today. our system slices through. that will produce a lot of snow in new mexico and colorado and the panhandle of texas. for us though another low drops into southern california and we have a very benign pattern. no rain in sight. clouds, sun, cool fog coast and inlapped. it's a low cloud deck. it's rather solid. we do expect a north easterly breeze to kick in tonight. there is hints of that already to the north. breezy and warmer conditions tuesday into wednesday. just a little cool down thursday. then as we head into the
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weekend it will be really mild to warm. all right thank you, steve. time is 4:40. an update to controversial holiday display at travis air force base. what was decided about the fate of religious decorations some call unconstitutional. a big investment in a bay area company. who is giving millions of dollars to twitter. good morning, traffic in marin county looks pretty good heading south. i'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning. lots of low clouds around and partly cloudy skies today. temperatures will be in the 50s. breezy by later this afternoon. temperatures not going too far. it's now 4:43. east bay mud crews begin work on two damaged water lines in san pablo. a 60-inch main ruptured causes a smaller eight inch water line to break. that sent water into the neighborhood. a morgan pipeline runs through the area and it wants to make sure that fuel line will not be disturbed during repairs. san jose police are asking the public for health after the man suspected of killing a hells angel member was spot in the south bay. they have good evidence that 38- year-old steve ruiz was seen in san jose sometime late friday or saturday. they would not provide any
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further details. he is considered armed and dangerous. he's wanted for the killing of a rival hells angel member during a bikers funeral in october. ruiz has ties to campbell, fremont, and gilroy. police on the peninsula are questioning several men in connection with a shootout in a menlo park neighborhood. police say a group of men opened fire on officers early yesterday morning in the belle haven area and that one officer fired back. no one was hit by the gunfire. police were responding to a call about a group of men with guns gathered outside of a home. officers say when they arrived that is when the men shot at them and ran. >> yeah. really scary. that has never happened in menlo bark like a lot of police and swat and helicopters. >> police searched the area for hours looking for the suspects. six men were eventually found. three of them were arrested on parole violations. police also found several handguns and rifles. police are still trying to figure out a motive in the
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deadly workplace shooting rampage in southern california. yesterday officer workers from southern california eddison held a vigil for their coworkers killed and injured in friday shooting. andre turner came to work with a handgun and opened fire. he shot four people killing two before turning the gun on himself. one person remains in the hospital in critical condition. time is 4:45. bay area fire investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that killed a man in oakland. the fire started yesterday at a home that was being sublet to six people on 79th avenue and arthur street. 56-year-old bennie wakefield died in the fire. the fire started in his room upstairs. there is is a possibility a cigarette may have been to blame. police in new york say a man that killed an elderly woman by setting her on fire in an elevator did it because the woman owed him money. he turned himself into police
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yesterday. police say he sprayed 73-year- old kellior race with a flammable liquid as she got out of her apartment building. surveillance camera show him lighting a molotov cocktail and throwing it in the elevator. gillespie owed him $2,000 worth of work. a holiday disapply can stay -- display can stay. a nativity scene does not violate the holiday. they said the decorations are unconstitutional and should be moved to a chapel on the base. >> people come in and the war is over. people want to see good things and good cheer. why would you move it? >> the military religious freedom foundation says it represents 120 people against the displays. tores for the foundation have threatened -- attorneys for the foundation have threatened to
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sue in federal court. pretrial hearing for an army private resumes this morning. private first class bradley manning is suspected of passing sensitive military materials to the wikileaks website. he found more than 10,000 diplomatic cables on a compute you are manning used. manning may have been emotionally unstable at the time. the hear willing be determined -- will determine if manning will be court-martials. republican party officials in iowa are taking steps to recount their vote counting systems after a report to disrupt next months caucuses. >> we are calling for you to occupy the campaign offices of presidential headquarters in des moines, iowa on december 27th. peacefully shut down the first in the nation caucuses. >> republican party officials have instructed precinct caucuses to use paper ballots
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as as backup. a saudi arabian businessman is investigating $700 million in san francisco based twitter. he says he has an interest in investing in promising high growth businesses with a global impact. he graduated from menlo college and one of the richest men in the world. his company is also a major shareholder in citi group and made a large investment in apple. a public memorial service is set for wednesday for warren hellman. his family says the sponsor of the hardly annual strictly bluegrass festival died last night with complications from leukemia. last week the city renamed the park speedway meadow to hellman hollow. he was 77 years old. scary moments at a high
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school football game in texas after a run away car slammed into several people. how it was finally stopped. a generous holiday gift for a man in florida.
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welcome back. seven people are recovering from minor injuries after an electric cart ran away from a championship high school game in texas. this video may be difficult for some people to watch. the unmanned cart raced from near one end zone to the dallas star in the center of the field. the winning coach was hit and fell inside the cart but uni believe to stop it. a grounds crew member finally jumped in and hit the brakes. the san francisco 49ers are gearing up for monday night football. they host the pittsburgh
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steelers at candle light park. fans heading to the game are asked to plan their game carefully. officials are asking people to car pool or take public transportation if possible. the raiders have fallen to 7-7 after blowing a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter yesterday. the detroit lions go took a 28- 27 lead after a touchdown. then in the final seconds 65 field goal attempt was blocked. sending the raiders to their third straight loss. 4:53. we want to turn to sal. sal you are looking at a fatal crash and impact on traffic this morning. >> that is right. we do have some news about this fatal crash, maureen. we do have new video of this crash. this crash occurred in menlo park overnight. this just came into our redwood -- into our newsroom from redwood city. police say a car was speeding as it took the off ramp
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interstate 280 at farm hill road when it crashed into a tree. the driver was ejected and died on the scene. police say alcohol may have been a factor. again just the last few minutes they did clear this crash from that off ramp and they have recently reopened that off ramp. but the car took awhile for them to get out of the way. let's go to live pictures now. this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound traffic is moving well in both directions. and the morning drive westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza still looks good. not a big crowd so far. it's 4:54 let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have extensive low clouds out there. a few sprinkles. there is no rain forecasted in the holiday travel. it will be mostly sunny. some breeze might pick up out of the north, northeast. i think we are used to it by now. the pattern is stuck. there is no measurable rain expected. good travel this week. areas of fog.
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occasionally some wind. warmer as we head to the weekend. and mid 60s believe it or not. as we head toward saturday and maybe sunday. we'll see. it's looking really quiet. expect for inland areas a lot of 40s due to the cloud cover. 36 at fairfield. 30s out toward antioch. but other than that low clouds and fog will give way to a little system slicing by right there. giving a few sprinkles. after that a little bit of a north, northeast breeze will kick in. clouds, sun, cooler. a few sprinkles but temperatures will be in the mid 50s. a few upper 50s. under 53-57 should cover the spread today. the extended outlook. decrease in fog and cold lows. temperatures will be mild and really mild to warm as we head into the weekend. >> big weekend ahead. thank you. 4:55. several charitable organizations are making the holidays brighter for many
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families. they say they still need more help before christmas. california highway patrol officers handed out toys in antioch yesterday. the marines are still accepting donations for the toys for tots program. it's also accepting curb side donations to help its family in need. >> they will drop off food, socks, clothes, canned foods goods, things we can use immediately. turn them around and make sure all folks have the basic needs. >> he adds donations are up compared to last year. he says that's a good thing because the need is even greater than last year. this morning one florida family will receive an early christmas gift that will keep on giving for an entire year. scott and debbie have cashed in their 401k and took out loans to pay for their hefty loans. so far he's outlived the doctors expectations and
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parents consider him their miracle child. >> we were told at least three or four times by his doctors and groups of doctors that he probably wouldn't make it another six months. >> they had another son christopher that died of the same disease just shy of his fifth birthday. recently debbie entered an online contest and to the family surprise won. now they will have their mortgage paid for an entire year and get free financial councilling for the rest of their life. north korea is mourning the loss of its leader the action taken this morning that has south korea's military on high alert. and repairs begin on a water main break in san pablo. what was uncovered that have some residence concerned this morning?
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good morning. on the same day north korea announces the death of his leader kim jong il. repair work adopts on a busted water park line in san pablo. what was located next to that pipeline that took some residence by surprise. how much the occupy protests have cost the city of san francisco. happy rejunes here in the bay


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